Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy Services



We provide services for children aged 0 - 18 years.  Appointments may be based at our clinic or we are able to travel within the community, school, and home environments as required.

We are able to provide formal and informal assessments, goal directed therapy sessions, both individual and group based interventions, parent and educator training, and provide home programs and written reports.

Please see our core intervention domains below.

Referrals are accepted directly from clients and families, Paediatricians, GPs, other health providers and schools.


Occupational Therapy

Childhood developmental milestones

Feeding difficulties (0-2 years)

Play development

Daily living skill building (toileting, dressing, sleeping, eating)

Processing sensory input

School readiness skills (drawing and cutting)

Motor skill development (fine and gross motor skills)

Handwriting development

Attention and concentration

Home modifications and considerations

Equipment prescription and recommendations (e.g. wheelchairs)

Yoga inspired therapeutic interventions


Speech Pathology

Late talkers

Expressive and receptive language disorders

Speech sound disorders


Social skill difficulties

Reading and writing disorders

Tongue tie

Feeding difficulties

Assessment and training of Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices